Premium Quality local produce

Milk from lovely Jersey cows in the heart of Staffordshire.

State-of-the-art Vending Machine

A self-service, British made vending machine with contactless payment and integrated milkshake syrup dispenser.


Pick up one of our reusable glass bottles at your visit or bring your own vessel. Join us in our ambition to reduce food miles and single use plastic!

Enjoy the cream which rises to the top

Our milk is gently pasteurised and unhomogenised which means the cream will settle on the top, “just like it used to be”!

Fabulously creamy chilled milkshakes

Delicious and fresh with a new special flavour every week!

The Healthy Choice

Milk is high in protein, calcium and other essential minerals. A healthier alternative to carbonated sugar drinks! Perfect for rehydrating after your Play @ Lower Drayton Farm visit.

Growing the Family Farm the Wright Way.

The Wright family have been farming in Staffordshire for over 50 years. Along with his mother, Mary, Andrew started the “Fourcrosses” herd of pedigree Jerseys with just 2 calves. Today the herd is 200 cows strong. The family have enjoyed success with the Jerseys in agricultural show rings at county and National level and their notable breeding has even led to some cows being sold overseas as far as Dubai.

In addition to the Jersey cows, The Wright Family also keep a commercial flock of sheep, supplying lamb to local butchers, and also a herd of commercial and pedigree Aberdeen Angus beef cattle. Some of the beef ends up on Aldi supermarket shelves, where you may also spot Matthew’s face in one of their stores!

Running the farm really is a family affair. Helen and Andrew mostly look after the Jersey cows while Matthew has concentrated more on expanding the beef and sheep enterprises over the last 10 years. Matthew’s wife Lowri has also joined the team since having their eldest daughter and juggles farm tasks with looking after the children.

The family have endured the challenges of farming over the last 50 years and are not afraid to adapt to change, and in 2022, ventured in to a new era by embracing new technology to be able to bring their produce direct to the people of Staffordshire.

Traceable, safe and farmed with care.

Red Tractor Certified Standards

Red Tractor is considered world leading in farming standards. That’s why when you see the Red Tractor logo you can be confident your food and drink is traceable, safe and farmed with care. For more information please click the button below:

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FRESH Milk & Milkshakes

Direct from your local dairy farm

Deliciously creamy Jersey milk available in Penkridge from our state-of-the-art, vending machine at:
Lower Drayton Farm –
Lower Drayton Lane, Penkridge, ST19 5RE.

8am to 8pm

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